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Might As Well Pick A Name Right?

Adam here….

Katy is about 29 weeks into the pregnancy and everything is going great. Doctor visits are very positive and we will start going twice a month next Wednesday. We’ve bought paint for the nursery (seen below). The Water Hyacinth and Lime Foam (it is a soft green but it doesn’t translate too well on the computer but looks good in person).
water hyacinth
lime foam
We also took a trip to IKEA this weekend and got a lot of fabric for Katy to make curtains, recover the cushions on the glider I’m painting and for the crib bumper (again the picture doesn’t do it justice but it looks good in person). We also got a couple little lamps that will go on an end table next to the glider and on the dresser to add just a little light when needed.

Katy has been working really hard on the nursing blanket she is crocheting and it looks really good. After I paint the nursery I’ll be buying some chair rail to separate the colors in the room. The Lime Foam will probably go on the the bottom and the Water Hyacinth will go on the top. We’ll have bright white trim to go with the white crib. We are scouring Craigslist, IKEA, and everywhere else to find and end table and dresser/changing table that we like. I’m hoping to find something new and white or something used that can be easily repainted but still goes well with everything else.

That may be the meat of the post but it isn’t what you came for right? You came to learn what we will be naming our little girl, most likely šŸ˜‰ So…we had our post taking name suggestions from everyone and while we like a lot of what you had to offer, we’ve decided to go with one of our original favorites, Sydney. It is a really cute and I think classy name. We’re are trying it out right now, referring to her as Sydney when we remember to. Next up, we had the middle name. We wanted something uncommon and that obviously fit well with Sydney and Evang. This was a little harder for us because while we had good name options they just didn’t work well together. We did have one first name that Katy really liked but I liked Sydney a lot more, so I had ruled it out. However this past weekend when I threw out Sydney with Bennett they sounds great together and Katy got to use a name she really liked. So we have decided on, for now šŸ˜‰ , Sydney Bennett Evang. We both think it is totally cute and since she’ll be the cutest baby ever she will need a cute name.

So friends, what are you thoughts? Do you guys like it? I hope so because I don’t think we’ll be changing it šŸ˜€


6 Months!

OK, we were actually at 6 months last Friday but with the heat, I pretty much parked myself on the couch next to the fan and let Adam bring me frozen washcloths every 10 minutes to put on my head and belly. So I haven’t been motivated to do anything until it cooled down a bit. People weren’t kidding when they warned me about not being able to take the heat! I’m looking forward to fall and cool weather more this year than I ever have.
We had another doctor’s appointment on July 27th w/ultrasound because the first ultrasound was done too early in the pregnancy to determine certain things like organ development and placement. So that means more pics! Yay!

All is healthy and well with baby. Baby and I are still loving any and all fruit. I have also become obsessed with BLTs made with my homegrown tomatoes and basil. On a more pathetic note, has anyone seen the MTV show called “16 and Pregnant”? Every single episode makes me cry. These hormones are bananas, I tell you.

I added more names to the Baby Names post so check them out

Just Checking In

Adam here…

Not a lot going on just wanted to check in. As you saw from the pictures last week Katy’s belly is become more prominent which for me is really cool. I know my wife is pregnant but seeing as it is so much more hands on for her than me just having that little extra something to remind me is nice. We have another doctor appointment this Friday and that also helps me with the experience. Even though Katy is the one going through all this just being at the doctor and taking it all in is great. They are so much more knowledgeable then the two of us so we just hang on to every word they say.

We just passed Father’s Day, technically my first though I don’t count it, but nevertheless my mom decided to get me/us/THE BABY! a present. So many cute little onesies w/ I Love My Daddy stuff. I hung up the stuff in the closet next to my clothes in the soon to be baby room and it was so crazy to have that in there. Yet at the same time even the newborn and 0 – 3 month clothes look so big, I just can’t imagine her being that big.

We got to spend the weekend and Father’s Day down in Eugene which was great because it was the first time we had seen Katy’s parents and family since we told them. As could be expected they couldn’t be happier for us and we’re thankful we get to give them another grandchild.

And though a baby can’t compare to an animal I must say it was so warming to our hearts to pick up our dogs at my sister’s after we got back from Eugene. We weren’t going down for long and they hadn’t been over to Krista’s for a while so she was more than happy to take them. When we were in Eugene I asked Katy if we ever had to leave the dogs for an extended period of time if she thought they would miss us. We concluded that they probably would but you know they’re dogs, loving ones at that, and would just be happy wherever they were then. Well when we got back to Krista’s to pick them up I hadn’t seem them this happy in quite a while. They had the best weekend they could but even so when we got back there it was like they went to a new level of happy. Nina couldn’t stop jumping to lick my face and Maggie couldn’t stop wagging her little butt and tale in unison because her mom was there.

So that’s all for now. We’ll be sure to give everyone an update after our appointment on Friday. We’re praying they tell us all is fine and going along as can be expected.

If this is your first time to the blog or haven’t checked out some of our older posts please do so. We are still wanting name contributions from everyone, so check that out at The Baby Name List or if this is your first time reading the blog check out our original post We’re Pregnant and catch up with our goings on šŸ˜€

The Baby Name List – please contribute!

What we like: names that are familiar but not too trendy. Boys names that work as girl names. Anything that sounds good with Evang. First and Middle names whose initials spell out something cool (example: Adam Christian Evang = A.C.E.). Nothing that we’ve already named one of our pets: Nina, June, Eleanor, Maggie. Nothing already taken by friends or family: Madeline, Amy, Alissa, etc…

What we have so far:

– Sydney

– Natalie (an exception to the not too trendy requirement)

– Lyla

– Lena

– Blake

– Cameron

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the joys of pregnancy?

As we are somewhere in the 18th week of pregnancy I thought I’d let you know how mine has been progressing since we found out about it.Ā  Since that finding out part didn’t happen until Baby was well under way, its safe to say that the side-effects have been pretty mild thus far. The first few months I was just TIRED EXHAUSTED. I would usually start the workday and be fine until 10- 10:30 before I was pretty much pooped. Then I’d get home, eat a bowl of cereal and go to sleep until the next morning when I would this again. I have eaten more cereal lately than any other period in my life, more then high school and college combined. This is mostly because it is so quick and easy and partly because it was one of the few things I was willing to eat. Also because its a good source calcium and iron – two things you’re supposed to be extra diligent about getting when expecting.Ā  Don’t worry, there was variety in my diet – IĀ  alternated between Cinnamon Life and Cream of Wheat.

The biggest and most consistent cravings havs been for fresh fruit but I would be lying if I said I haven’t eaten plenty of Reese’s and Cheetos.Ā  I had nausea but haven’t thrown up or anything like that and since I’m past the first trimester hopefully won’t at all. The books say the second trimester is the best because you are past all the tiredness and sickness of the first and the baby’s not so big that you feel like you’re carrying a bowling ball around.

I’ve finally started to ‘show’ in the past week or so and have got a little belly going on…will get Adam to take a picture so we can post it.

Next doctor’s appointment is at the end of the month. I will let everyone know if we learn anything exciting then!


It Is A Girl

Wow so we went to the doctor again this past week and this time we did the full ultrasound. We got to see tons of views, appendages, blood flow, heartbeats, and most importantly, the sex of our child. The doctor told us that she believed Katy was 16 weeks pregnant, which was a week or two more than we had expected. 4 MONTHS! CRAZINESS! We got to see all kinds of things; feet, hands, head, toes, thumbs, spine, you name it we saw it. She told us from what she could see everything looked good which is all I really wanted to hear! After she snapped about 50 pics and told us what we were looking at on all of them (because it is kinda hard to tell when you aren’t used to it) and then she asked us if we wanted to know the sex. Katy really wanted to and while I didn’t necessarily; we had agreed we would and that will definitely be better in the end. So she said “..and here you can see the labia so, you are having a girl.” At this point we were both overcome with joy. It is one thing to know you are having a baby but knowing the sex of the baby makes it that much more real and takes you from “You’re having a baby” to “You’re having a girl”.

The books that Katy has typically said you would find out the sex at 20 weeks so when she offered to tell us I was a little shocked. I mean this is early right? The doctor said she was fairly certain and seeing as she is the expert we took her at her word. When we go back in a month for another ultrasound to see if the baby is developing fine they would confirm it is indeed a girl but Katy and I were hooked already. She said girl and I think both of us fought back the tears of joy. Not because we wanted one sex over another but just because we knew. Just as you feel when you find out you’re pregnant those same emotions come over you again when you are told you’re a having a ____. Also, I was right šŸ˜‰ I didn’t brag but for some reason Katy thought it was a boy and I thought girl. Although it was really no more than a lucky guess šŸ™‚

So without further ado we bring to you our little “Shevang” (don’t worry she’ll get a real name later šŸ˜€ )

First Baby Ultrasound

First Baby Ultrasound

Cute little baby foot

Cute little baby foot

We’re Pregnant!

To celebrate the new life we’ve created we wanted to create a blog to allow friends and family to follow along in the everyday events of the Evang’s.

As some of you may, or may not, know Katy is about 16 weeks pregnant. Are you surprised? So were we! We took a home pregnancy test on Sunday, April 26th and it was positive! We felt so happy, excited,Ā  and scared too. If it was right, our lives would be changing drastically. The next step was to go to a doctor who could confirm the pregnancy.Ā  We waited the whole week until Friday after work to go to the doctor. There was a lot of anticipation and nervousness. We loved the thought that Katy was pregnant but we wanted a professional to give us the assurance our take home test was accurate. At the doctor’s, Katy went back to take a test and our results were confirmed, pregnant! It didn’t seem quite real yet. This was something completely new for us and we were quite ready to share it with the world but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard to keep it to ourselves. When the time was right we would know and then so would everyone else.

So we had this secret but we didn’t just sit on the news. Together we were constantly thinking about the pregnancy and getting ready for baby to come. Katy suggested we go to Powell’s one weekend and get some reading material. There were so many books, mostly for the moms, but Katy wasn’t overwhelmed. She was glad she could start preparing herself and doing all she could to take care of herself and the baby. I picked up The Expectant Father which has been helpful and a couple books Katy got that she has found helpful are: The Pregnancy Book and What To Expect When You’re Expecting. We spent the next couple weeks readying up on being pregnant, reading random things online, bouncing names off each other, and just enjoying the whole process.

After our appointment with the general doctor we needed to set up another appointment to see a specific baby doctor šŸ˜€ Katy did some research online and found Dr. Laura Morrison with Women’s Healthcare Associates and we were set for May 26th. We had already planned going to Lincoln City that weekend and the fact that we would, Katy specifically, get to learn more about the baby made the weekend that much more exciting.

The first appointment went well, everything was normal and healthy. We got to see Baby’s heartbeat, head, and arm which was waving around a little bit on the sonagram. It was suprising when Dr. Morrison told us she couldn’t get a good idea of how old Baby was from the sonagram because it was already too big and therefore older than what we had thought. All we knew was that Katy was around 14 weeks, or so we thought. We set up another doctor appointment to get a full ultrasound so we could be sure about Baby’s age and get to see some real shots of what was going on inside Katy.