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4 Year Anniversary and 7 Months Pregnant

So on September 17th Katy and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and we had a splendid anniversary weekend, taking our first vacation of the year!  Typically we’ve gone somewhere on the Oregon Coast for the last 3 anniversaries so this year we wanted to change it up just a little by staying at a beautiful cabin (pictures below) in Zig Zag (@ the base of Mt. Hood). Here is a link to the cabin which we highly recommend checking out if you want a great cabin to stay at any time during the year.

  • A quick sidenote, the great thing about the cabin was its owner runs a baby resale event called Super Kids Resale and we were able to make some big purchases but also saved a ton of money because we bought used (everything was in great shape). They do this a couple times a year I believe so if you need stuff or know someone who does you should check back to site occasionally. We picked up a $270 breast pump for $70, a $140 swing for $60, and bunch of other very other useful things.

Anyways back to our trip to the cabin. We got up Thursday night after spending way more time at the sale then we expected but thanks to some great weather it was still sunny and warm. We unloaded the dogs and the car and settled in for the night. We brought a whole bunch of food because we didn’t plan on going out so we treated ourselves to some stuff from New Seasons, like fancy cheeses, some expensive cured meats, and new beers for me. I tried my first Ninkasi, or as I liked to call it “Beer Made From Lots of Hops”, their Radiant Summer Ale which was really good and thankfully just hoppy enough where I still enjoyed it. I also bought my first Hopworks Urban Brewery beer. I’ve been dying to try them for over a year but Katy and I have just never stopped at the Brewery to try it out. Anyways I got their 7-Grain Survival Stout which was definitely a great pickup too. Lastly I picked up some Anderson Valley Brewing Company Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout. We also got our usual favorites from Winco; Cheetos, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Lucky Charms, Salt and Vinegar chips, and some Skor’s for Katy, and for me Hot & Spicy Pork Rinds, Cocoa Krispies, Chili Cheese Fritos, some black licorice, and I got sucked in by the seasonal beers grabbing the Widmer OKTO (don’t worry everyone, I only had 2 drinks a day 🙂 )

Friday we woke to beautiful weather and the quiet of not being in the city, at work, or any other daily irritant (yes yappy neighbor dogs I’m talking to you). With no plans and nowhere to go we just kind of did our own thing. Katy brought magazines and some books and read those while she had her Lucky Charms and then tea, while I made some coffee to have with my coffee cake (man what a great combo, I could do that every morning) and read my Bible. I also brought Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” to read and let me tell you, that is an amazing book. Now there is a movie adaptation coming out and hopefully they will do the book justice, though I’m somewhat skeptical because of certain things I’ve seen in previews, but nevertheless if you haven’t read the book I highly recommend it. However when you are in the unknown woods with your pregnant wife a book like “The Road” may not be the best choice to read 😉 Since the weather was so beautiful, and warm, and we were right by the Sandy River we took the dogs out to do some walking. Nice trails, the sounds of the river, and peacefulness of not having anyone else around was great. Next we decided since it was so warm we should take advantage of the community pool that was available to us. Best choice we made of the weekend. We hung out by the pool soaking up the sun and taking dips in the pool whenever it got too warm. Again, the best thing about it was there was no one else around. Now Katy and I probably spend more time with each other, and not with other people, more than any other married couple you know so you’d think more time alone together wouldn’t be our first choice but we enjoy each others company so much we just don’t get tired of one and other.  2 hours later the dogs were getting restless and we were getting hungry so we packed up and walked back to the cabin. For the rest of the night it was more of the same, eat, read, watch movies, but we also threw a camp fire in there. The fire was great because it was just cold enough outside @ 9pm that the fire feels great to sit by but the ambient temperature isn’t too cold to bear. All and all an amazing day.

Saturday we woke up to the weather that you might expect from Oregon mountains, wet, somewhat cold, but very very cozy. While another day of sun would have been nice it was great to just be inside, have the sound of the rain coming down, and cozying up with the dogs and each other. Another morning of Lucky Charms for Katy, and coffee and coffee cake for me. Whoever invented coffee cake and decided those two things need to go together I just have to say, Thank You! I’m not a huge coffee drinker but when you throw some coffee cake in front of me and serve me up a nice hot cup of coffee, I’m a little closer to heaven. For the day Katy continued to work on her blanket for Sydney, she beat me in Scrabble (she’s smarter than I am), and we read a lot more. Katy made her wonderful Mac’n’Cheese that would eat throughout the rest of the weekend and the day just rolled along at a nice restful pace.

2 1/2 days down and Sunday finally came. Time to check out and return back to it all. It was a great little vacation/break that recharged our batteries and gave us some quality time together. We packed ourselves off and headed out @ noon and went to my mom’s as she was gracious enough to pick up our haul that we had made back on Thursday at the baby sale.  Mom, Krista and the kids all came out to the house for awhile and we surveyed out bounty of baby bargains. I don’t think we could have asked for a better weekend. So to recap and some things we learned

  1. I have a wonderful wife I’ve that I’ve had the joy of being married to for 4 amazing years
  2. Katy likes Lucky Charms and salty chips
  3. The more beers you can try, and drink in moderation, the better 🙂
  4. “The Road” is a book that everyone should read
  5. Katy makes better use of the tough letters in Scrabble (did I mentioned she used all 7 of her letters, she had a blank, in one try – though she did end up spelling MURDERERS, so that’s kinda scary 😀 )
  6. The dogs like to sleep a lot.
  7. 85 degree weather and pools are unexpected surprises in mid-September
  8. You would be wise to buy used when buying for your baby otherwise you are gonna spend way too much money and most likely on stuff you may never use.
  9. Coffee and Coffee Cake are a classic combo that rival Peanut Butter and Jelly.
  10. Loving your significant other and having that love reciprocated is the greatest thing one can experience in life.

So that was our weekend but there are definitely some other updates we’d love to give everyone. Katy and I started birthing classes last Tuesday, I guess that’s what they call them. Anyways we just went over some of the basics of the pregnancy, delivery, breathing techniques, and they gave us a virtual tour, seen here. We have classes each Tuesday night for the next 3 weeks that will lead us up to Katy’s last month or so of being pregnant. We still have to get going on the nursery as I’ve been neglecting my honey do’s like painting the walls, finishing the glider, and getting everything together. Although I’m not alone so you can’t get on me yet. Katy still has her curtains to do, she is almost finished with the bumper which does look great, and she’s gotta get her blanket done. We’ll be ready when Sydney comes, hopefully, because we know when she is here we’re gonna have our hands full and not have time to do all the stuff we should have got down prior.

Lastly, here are pics we took of Katy last week @ 30 weeks, along with other pics from the weekend, including Maggie staring  at a dying fly (Nina killed 4 of them, Maggie 0). Enjoy them and hope you enjoyed the post.


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  1. * katyleet says:

    Fun blog, thanks for the cabin idea! I look forward to seeing pictures and maybe one day meeting Sydney!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
    • * katyleet says:

      oh yea…Adam have you tried the Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo IPA? extra hoppy! Also Russian River makes a pretty tasty IPA!

      | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
      • * adamandkaty says:

        Thanks Katy. Nope I’m not a hop fan for the most part. I haven’t found an IPA I can enjoy. Reds are usually as hoppy as I can get. I had a Russian Imperial Stout @ Oregon Brew Fest this year and that one was kinda hard to enjoy. Anything over 70 IBU’s (hop level) and I usually don’t like it. I feel like I’m not a true beer fan because I can’t enjoy IPA’s since they are such a huge part of the Oregon microbrew scene.

        Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Becky says:

    Happy Anniversary! So very sweet! Thanks for the update.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  3. * Don Bowman says:

    I just now stumbled across your blog about staying at the Silver Cedars Cabin. I am Scott Bowman’s father. Even though his mother and I live in eastern Oklahoma, we usually make it to Oregon at least once a year. We helped out several times by working on the cabin at various stages of its development. We really like the Portland area, and particularly the setting of the cabin. It is beautiful there. Thank you very much for your kind comments about staying there. Also, thanks for favorable comments about the Super Kids Resale. That started out small and turned into a pretty big deal.

    Don (and Jean) Bowman

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 12 months ago

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