All Things Baby Evang

We’re Pregnant!

To celebrate the new life we’ve created we wanted to create a blog to allow friends and family to follow along in the everyday events of the Evang’s.

As some of you may, or may not, know Katy is about 16 weeks pregnant. Are you surprised? So were we! We took a home pregnancy test on Sunday, April 26th and it was positive! We felt so happy, excited,  and scared too. If it was right, our lives would be changing drastically. The next step was to go to a doctor who could confirm the pregnancy.  We waited the whole week until Friday after work to go to the doctor. There was a lot of anticipation and nervousness. We loved the thought that Katy was pregnant but we wanted a professional to give us the assurance our take home test was accurate. At the doctor’s, Katy went back to take a test and our results were confirmed, pregnant! It didn’t seem quite real yet. This was something completely new for us and we were quite ready to share it with the world but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard to keep it to ourselves. When the time was right we would know and then so would everyone else.

So we had this secret but we didn’t just sit on the news. Together we were constantly thinking about the pregnancy and getting ready for baby to come. Katy suggested we go to Powell’s one weekend and get some reading material. There were so many books, mostly for the moms, but Katy wasn’t overwhelmed. She was glad she could start preparing herself and doing all she could to take care of herself and the baby. I picked up The Expectant Father which has been helpful and a couple books Katy got that she has found helpful are: The Pregnancy Book and What To Expect When You’re Expecting. We spent the next couple weeks readying up on being pregnant, reading random things online, bouncing names off each other, and just enjoying the whole process.

After our appointment with the general doctor we needed to set up another appointment to see a specific baby doctor 😀 Katy did some research online and found Dr. Laura Morrison with Women’s Healthcare Associates and we were set for May 26th. We had already planned going to Lincoln City that weekend and the fact that we would, Katy specifically, get to learn more about the baby made the weekend that much more exciting.

The first appointment went well, everything was normal and healthy. We got to see Baby’s heartbeat, head, and arm which was waving around a little bit on the sonagram. It was suprising when Dr. Morrison told us she couldn’t get a good idea of how old Baby was from the sonagram because it was already too big and therefore older than what we had thought. All we knew was that Katy was around 14 weeks, or so we thought. We set up another doctor appointment to get a full ultrasound so we could be sure about Baby’s age and get to see some real shots of what was going on inside Katy.


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